Protecting those, protecting us

First responders, from law enforcement personnel to tow-truck drivers, are injured or killed daily because drivers did not see them or take adequate precautions when passing them on the side of the road. Klover can help to prevent these secondary incidents by alerting upstream traffic through updates to signage and enabling coordination across agencies to keep drivers aware and ensure the right people are on the scene as quickly as possible.

Klover's integration capabilities and Internet of Things module allow for diverse and effective solutions to an array of transportation problems.

Incident Management

Creation of incidents by authorized sources can be quick and easy. By using devices out in the field, responders can quickly record a traffic incident and move on to their duties protecting the public.


Incident responses vary depending on many factors including time of day, location, severity, etc. With Klover's approach to bringing business processes and triggering mechanisms online, your team can be ready to quickly handle any scenario.

Internet of Things

Klover utilizes the Internet of Things (IoT) to bring together disparate data sources into one platform enabling you to react. With just the push of a button, you can automatically update systems, people, and signage.

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