Klover Trip Travel Time is a turn-key solution that informs drivers about the best way to get to their destination through roadside dynamic message signs, social media, or mobile apps. It even combines destination parking data with travel times of bus or car routes, so you can advise drivers to take mass transit when either case is a better option than driving.

Use Cases

To display current travel times to destinations such as cities, airports, ski resorts, and events on road-side signs, social media, or mobile apps. To display travel time in smart work zones or to influence drivers to use public transport in real-time.

Multiple sources

Combine data from Radar, Doppler, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi traffic sensors, and third-party cloud APIs that require no road-side hardware

Bus routes

Report travel times for buses and car separately

Historical Analysis

Travel times are stored in Google Cloud Platform where you can analyze traffic patterns, apply machine learning and more.

Parking integration

Combine parking lot statuses with travel times to influence the best mode of travel

Minimal infrastructure

Low total cost of ownership when using cloud travel time APIs

Device Notifications

Orchestrate messaging across dynamic message signs, social media or mobile applications

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Jason Westra
Only Klover gives you the flexibility to orchestrate dynamic message signs with other systems and devices with "drag-and-drop" ease. Message signs have been a critical part of ITS for over a decade. With Klover, signs can continue to play a major role in everything from smart parking to toll roads. Jason Westra, CTO

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