Upgrading our transportation infrastructure is critical to our future and construction crews are on the front line of this effort. Klover works to keep the flow of traffic through work zones safe and efficient through the use of intelligent technology that is easy to deploy and widely accessible. With Klover’s innovative Smart Work Zone app, foremen, project managers, and DOT’s can quickly view the status of equipment and site conditions. One application in the field enables equipment location and messaging monitoring; back in the office, Klover’s integration capabilities and built-in reporting tools makes filing paperwork easy. With Klover, teams get peace of mind to continue the work they love doing.

Workzone insights from anywhere

Get a complete picture of traffic flow and manage devices while in field with the Klover Smart Work Zone application.

Take the job site with you.


Integrate multiple devices and services, delivering a complete picture of site conditions from any device.


Configure notifications (including SMS, emails, and work-order systems) to keep crews instantly aware of issues.


Leverage big data and integrations through business process management workflows.

Equipment Tracking

Integrate automatic vehicle location devices to track equipment from one simple unified interface.


Automate messages to coincide with on-site operations through robust scheduling.


Support for NTCIP v2+, full color and amber messaging and variable speed limit signs.
Jason Westra
From our experience, the public just doesn’t realize what it’s like to be out on a job site and dealing with traffic. It’s dangerous but critical work. By keeping traffic calm and flowing in work zones, we believe that everyone can get home safely. Jason Westra, CTO

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