Klover notifies the traveling public where to park whenever a lot changes status by using dynamic message signs, social media, and mobile applications. As a result, traffic moves efficiently and safely to open lots with minimal congestion. Safety, emergency, and custom messages may all be activated on the same sign, utilizing your infrastructure for more than just parking. Klover's workflows enable you to determine which message to activate with drag-n-drop ease.

Use Cases

Event parking, airports, stadiums, ski resorts, tourist towns, college and university campuses


Minimum investment up-front with the Smart Parking application and the ability to have automated solutions later


The Smart Parking mobile application lets lot attendants remotely update parking status with the touch of a button


Receive parking information automatically from parking sensors and third-party solutions using Klover's open APIs


See the current status of every lot in one place on your Klover dashboard

Trip Travel Time integration

Combine parking lot statuses with travel times to influence drivers with the best mode of travel

Device Notifications

Orchestrate parking notifications across dynamic message signs, social media or mobile applications

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Jason Westra
Only Klover gives you the flexibility to orchestrate dynamic message signs with other systems and devices with "drag-and-drop" ease. Message signs have been a critical part of ITS for over a decade. With Klover, signs can continue to play a major role in everything from smart parking to toll roads. Jason Westra, CTO

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