How we do it

By bringing together the Internet of Things and intuitive orchestration capabilities, we make previously cumbersome incident management tasks a breeze and provide actionable insights into your data that were not easily found before.

Scalable and reliable solution for your organization

Klover is available across devices


Collect real world data from real world sensors sending information through our secure Internet of Things module. Our big data capabilities provide deep insights into all aspects of your infrastructure.


Heaps of data are useless until it can become actionable. By weaving analysis into business processing, Klover can automate workflows and empower your team to make the right decisions while focusing on the tasks that truly matter.


Turning insights into action is what truly sets Klover apart. Your team can access a range of devices and platforms to provide the proper information to internal groups, maintenance for instance, and the public.

Incident Management

Track and manage incidents anytime, anywhere with Klover’s user friendly web interface. Improve cooperation between teams through configurable workflows and provide better insights through our extensible user interface allowing for superior situational awareness.

Internet of Things

Securely connecting devices in the real world has always been a challenge for Smart Cities. Our platform makes deploying IoT solutions simple while closely integrating Thing data and capabilities through standards compliant communications for better results.


Automate responses to changing situtation without ever writing code. By bringing transportation infrastructure together with your business processes, you're able to manage your city better and reduce the time it takes to make adjustments. Klover supports even more robust applications by deploying your own code in our platform.


Klover has been built to be cloud first, allowing for maximal uptime and scalability. Communities depend on their infrastracture in times of need and by distributing responsibility for Klover to offsite and distributed resources we can ensure Klover is there when it's needed most.


The team at Klover understands that complex solutions do no stand on their own. We've allowed for easy integration of third party data and applications to paint a complete picture of your municipality.

The experience to back it up

Pawan Kharbanda
In an ever changing regulatory and technology environment it is critical to be able to adapt. In our industry, being adaptable can mean the difference between life and death. Our decade of success has been built on our relationships with customers and hardware vendors. We work closely with hardware vendors to securely bring their tools online and into our solution. By building to industry standards and never cutting corners, we ensure ours and our customers' repeated success, no matter how much the world changes. Pawan Kharbanda, CEO

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