Klover Smart Transportation Platform enables intelligent traffic devices, cloud APIs, and data silos to be combined into a single, cohesive solution. We believe building an ecosystem that revolves around hardware, data, and solution providers will allow everyone to more rapidly solve today’s smart city and transportation problems. Come join us and let’s grow the ecosystem together.


We work with you to integrate your hardware into Klover using our Klover Leaf SDK, opening up a world of possibilities for inclusion into smart transportation applications. As a Hardware Partner, you will:

  • Receive certification that your devices are Klover-enabled™ to indicate they have the highest level of security and deepest integration with Klover
  • Reassure customers your devices will integrate seamlessly with Klover making them more marketable in a highly competitive landscape
  • Be able to include out-of-the-box workflows, triggers, and dashboard widgets to our catalog to easily combine your hardware with others into creative solutions.


If your organization exposes traffic, parking, weather, connected vehicle, or other smart city data, it is time to become a Klover Data Partner and gain more consumers to your data. Klover provides endless opportunities for data-centric businesses or simply data sharing. As a Data Partner, you will:

  • Enable drag-and-drop ease to your data from Klover workflows, triggers, and analytics
  • Open your data silos to a world of other things that can consume and act on it in automated scenarios
  • Be able to combine your data along with information from other things and sources into larger, more complex pictures allowing Klover users to make well-informed decisions


We encourage engineering and consulting firms to join as solution partners. Klover can be the backbone of your efforts to modernize a client’s existing, outdated infrastructure, or to simply build new, turn-key solutions in the smart transportation space for them. As a Solution Partner, you will:

  • Be able to rapidly implement new smart transportation solutions for your clients without worries of managing cloud infrastructure or ongoing system maintenance.
  • Receive hands-on training and guidance from Klover experts both on and off-site
  • Become fluent in Klover’s APIs and UIs.
  • Learn to support your customer’s needs by extending the platform with custom workflows, triggers, and data integrations

Find out more about our partnership opportunities and how, together, we can bring the best solutions to smart cities.

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