In 2010, our founders combined their experience in intelligent transportation systems to form Kritek, the company behind the Klover Smart Transportation Platform.

Klover Leadership

Pawan Kharbanda


Pawan has a more than 15 years experience in Project Management, Software Development and integration of Enterprise Systems. Most of his experience is with the Transportation and Transit industry. He has worked for CDOT ITS, helping them build the Colorado Traffic Management Systems (CTMS) system. He has a vast amount of experience at all levels in working with ITS devices like Dynamic Message Signs, RTMS’s, Toll Tag readers, Ramp meters etc. His extensive experience in analysis, development, design, implementation, testing and maintenance of various commercial applications makes him the leader you want to work with. When Pawan is not behind a desk he follows professional football (Broncos), Cricket (Indian Cricket Team) and Soccer. Pawan enjoys golf and family vacations with his wife Nisha and son Krish.

Photo of Pawan Kharbanda

Jason Westra


Jason has over 20 years designing multi-tenant, Cloud, IoT, and Big Data platforms. His passion is building intelligent transportation systems, which he has done now for more than a decade. In 1999, he founded Evolution Hosting, a PaaS (Platform-as-a-Service) company where he participated at all levels of product and business development. Later, he joined CSC (Computer Sciences Corp) where he was given the prestigious CSC Technical Excellence Award for his part in designing Colorado’s Traffic Management System. Jason takes advantage of living here in Colorado and skis, bikes, or rock climbs every chance he gets away from the office.

Photo of Jason Westra

Hari Chandrasekhar

IoT Platform Lead

Hari has over 12 years experience in designing, building, and supporting production intelligent transportation systems. He is the lead architect of Klover’s IoT platform where he heads all aspects of the platform’s security, scalability, protocol support, and adapter SDKs. He also oversees the Klover IoT labs where his team tests devices such as signs, radar, wireless readers, and more for integration into the Klover platform. Outside of work Hari enjoys spending time with friends and family and is involved in recreational sports.

Photo of Hari Chandrasekhar

Mike Wislocki

Sr. Architect

Mike joined Klover near it's inception as a key part of Klover's cloud and global strategies. His background in the banking industry has made him uniquely skilled in security, mobile design, and internationalization and he leads the designs on each for the Klover Platform.

Photo of Mike Wislocki